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Analyse. Coach. Accelerate.

How it works is an online coach. To develop effective self-organising agile teams, we’ll take 3 steps to improve their impact, quality and predictability.

1. Analyse

We scan your team based on the Value Framework to discover pain points.

2. Coach

We coach the team to solve the main issues and get the fundaments right.

3. Accelerate

We keep track how the team grows and provide insights to accelerate.

"Analyse and improve your team based on the Value Rocket Framework"

My Value Coach

Agile planning

Learn how to write your product vision and roadmaps


How teams can accelerate with the right mindset and roles

Team Value

How does your team contribute to the company objectives

Team scan

Scan your team and find out where to approve first

About us

MyValueCoach is an online coach for agile teams. We analyse, coach and accelerate teams worldwide.

Our mission

Change the world of education and help talents all around the globe to work together.

Our offer

  • Team assessments
  • Live Coaching
  • Online training
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