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Test - Join Agile challenge!

7 key questions to measure yourself with agile teams worldwide!

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Tell us about your team. How do you learn from customers?

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How do you measure your success?

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How is your product roadmap set up?

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How would you describe your team spirit?

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What about the skills of the team?

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When does your team release?

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What roles do you have in your team?

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Almost there! What is your instagram name or email for your team analysis? (or skip by pressing 'see results').

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How it works

What is your team's impact?

Understand how the team should add business value and achieve their team objectives.

What is your product plan?

How is your product vision and the roadmap constructed? Learn how your product plan makes a difference in achieving your objectives.

What is your team's agility?

How is the team developing and releasing the product. Understand how the right skills, roles and structure to boasts their deliveries.

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MyValueCoach is an online coach for agile teams. We analyse, coach and accelerate based on data.

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