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The Value Rocket Framework

A simple methodology to frame your agile team performance
Value of an agile team


Understand why the agile team is initiated. What is the business expecting in revenue or cost reduction?


What problem is the product going to solve for the customer. What is the vision and is the team committed?


One of the most difficult aspects of the team is how they create there value. Their agility, skills, roles and structure

Business value

Increase trust between business and teams by measuring business KPIs.

Product Vision

How to united the team with the product and give guidance for the future

Customer Value

Understand how to increase customer satisfaction.

Roadmap (ETA)

Build a roadmap that is predictable and adds value first.

Team Mindset & Fuel

The key to success is the team’s commitment, motivation and energy.

Development process

How mature is the team with agile development and releases

Skills & Technology

Understand the skills to build complex solutions

Roles & Responsibilities

Team members want clear roles and structure to focus and deliver.

Fundament of the framework

The Value Rocket Framework is developed by

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"Analyse and improve your team based on the Value Rocket Framework"

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